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Product Catalog: Cisco: Services: Remote Management Services
Cisco Remote Management Services (RMS) simplify the adoption and ongoing management of Cisco Advanced Technologies, while enhancing the business benefits of your network and significantly reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). These services are delivered by the Remote Operations Services (ROS) team within Cisco.

Built upon the principles of co-management and out-tasking, Cisco RMS offers a happy medium between complete outsourcing and self-management. A team of experts actively monitors your network from our global network operations center (NOC) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, responding to incidents and taking the lead in co-managing the network. We act as an extension of your internal IT team. You retain access and control. Together we anticipate, identify, and resolve issues faster, more accurately, less expensively, and with more visibility.

An innovative management portal provides a constant, detailed view of network health as well as the actions of the Cisco team. IT staffing is simplified, and you can focus resources on core business strategies instead of ongoing network management. You can also make use of the full benefits of Cisco advanced technologies to enhance collaboration, streamline operations, and establish the network as the platform for business growth and innovation.
increase productivity and reap the immediate benefits of TelePresence
Data Center
Provide comprehensive monitoring and management of your data center infrastructure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Cisco Foundation Technology Remote Management Services (Cisco)
View Details Provides remote network management for everyday LAN and WAN infrastructure operations

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Cisco Remote Management Services for Security (Cisco)
View Details Provides 24x7x365 remote management, monitoring, and remediation for today┬╣s networks, against sophisticated attacks, malware and security vulnerabilities

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Digital Media Systems (Cisco)
View Details Enriches the experience of digital media systems solutions to drive utilization and supplement enterprise customers

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