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Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series 8700W Enhanced AC Power Supply (Cisco)

The 8700 watt enhanced AC power supply for Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches provides superior Power over Ethernet (PoE) scalability and reduces both the time and costs for maintenance.

Features and benefits include the following:

  • PoE scalability: Support for up to 420 IEEE 802.3af Class 3 (15.4W) PoE devices in a single chassis with full redundancy reduces total cost of ownership for high-density PoE deployments in the campus access layer.
  • Remote power cycle or shut down using external relay controller: Remotely power cycle or shut down the switch without needing access to the supervisor engine command-line interface (CLI), thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving MTTR.
  • Remote power restart via Cisco IOS Software CLI: Remotely power cycle the switch using Cisco IOS Software CLI, thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving MTTR.
  • Multiple (triple) inputs: Scales the system power depending on need, with fully isolated inputs providing flexibility.
  • Universal input (110-220 VAC, 50-60 Hz): Flexibly provision circuits with either high-input voltage (200-240 volt) or low-input voltage (100-120 volt) depending on availability and power output needs.
  • Investment protection: Install the 8700 watt enhanced AC power supply into any existing Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch 6-, 9-, or 13-slot chassis.

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