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Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch Fabric Module (Cisco)

The Cisco Catalyst® 6500 Series switch fabric modules, including the new Switch Fabric Module 2 (WS-X6500-SFM2) and the Switch Fabric Module (WS-C6500-SFM), in combination with the Supervisor Engine 2, deliver an increase in available system bandwidth from the existing 32Gbps to 256 Gbps. The Switch Fabric Module delivers not only best-in-class bandwidth, but also the performance and advanced services required for today's most advanced networks.

Key Features:
  • The Switch Fabric Module enables 30 Mpps Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF)-based central forwarding on Supervisor Engine 2
  • The Switch Fabric Module enables up to 210 Mpps distributed forwarding on DCF-enabled switch fabric modules
  • The Switch Fabric Module supports advanced services such as quality of service (QoS) and security in hardware via access control lists (ACLs)
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