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  Product Catalog: Cisco: Cisco Interfaces and Modules: Cisco Interface Processors  
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Cisco Channel Interface Processors (Cisco)
  • Offers high-performance SNA and TCP/IP networking for IBM and compatible mainframes.
  • Eliminates the need to manage multiple dedicated mainframe channel controllers.
  • Supports up to two ESCON channel connections.
  • Supports standard IBM mainframe software.
  • Offers the highest mix of wide-area network (WAN) and local-area network (LAN) interfaces.
  • Provides improved mainframe access availability with the Cisco 7500 and Cisco 7000 high-availability platforms.
  • Manageable by CiscoWorks 2000 and CiscoWorks Blue, reducing the overall cost of operations.
  • Brings mainframe direct connection to the routed internetwork without requiring additional mainframe software.
  • Supports multiple logical partition (LPAR) connections to the mainframe using ESCON Multiple Image Facility (EMIF)

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