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Cisco Application Networking Manager (Cisco)

Effectively manage multidevice data center network services with Cisco Application Networking Manager (ANM) software. Cisco ANM software streamlines management of the virtualized data center environment by providing a unified interface for Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) provisioning, operations, and monitoring.

Cisco ANM also simplifies maintenance of Layer 4-7 virtualized network devices and services. And it supports operations management and monitoring for ACE devices as well as the Cisco Content Services Switch (CSS), Content Switching Module (CSM), and Content Switching Module with SSL (CSM-S). Cisco ANM uses highly secure and logged Web-based access to facilitate delegation of tasks, such as service activation and suspension, to different users through administratively defined role-based access control (RBAC).

It also integrates with VMware virtual data center environments, providing continuity between the application server and network operator and increasing the operators™ application network services awareness and capabilities, while reducing the burden of operating and managing those services.

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