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Cisco's One Platform Kit (onePK) (Cisco)

onePK is an element within Cisco's software defined networking (SDN) strategy. onePK is an easy-to-use toolkit for development, automation, rapid service creation, and more.

Build or extend applications from your routers and switches to servers and new business platforms. Automate current services or create new ones on demand, when and where you need them and faster than ever. onePK makes your network more powerful and flexible while giving you the control you need. Users also have access to an all-in-one development environment that includes simulated network elements.

Designed for Flexibility 

onePK has the capability to:

  • Integrate with PyCharm, PyDev, Eclipse, IDLE, NetBeans, and more
  • Support commonly used languages, including C, Java, and Python
  • Run on any server or directly on your network elements
  • Use APIs to extend, modify, and tailor your network to your business needs
  • Tie in easily with third-party tools and workflows
Unlimited Possibilities

Use onePK for new application-enablement, service automation, and more. With onePK you can orchestrate and enhance your network elements. You can also:

  • Customize route logic
  • Create flow-based services such as quality of service (QoS)
  • Adapt applications for changing network conditions such as bandwidth
  • Automate workflows spanning multiple devices
  • Empower management applications with new information
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