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Cisco Connected Streaming Analytics (Cisco)

You need to know what is happening in your business at the moment it occurs. The Cisco Connected Streaming Analytics (CSA) platform delivers insight from high-velocity streams of live data from multiple sources so you can take immediate action. CSA applies to use cases across a wide range of industries and business applications.

Features and Capabilities

Improve customer service, adapt to new business environments, and make better operational decisions, all in real time.

  • Work with active data to make time-sensitive decisions
  • Immediately detect issues, risks, and opportunities
  • Gain a competitive advantage from true real-time alerting, integrated machine learning, and predictive analytics

Make the most of all available data.

  • Plan proactively using data-based insight
  • Use automation for immediate responses to real-time business events
  • Combine information from multiple sources at high speeds

Gain flexibility to manage increasing demands.

  • Adapt CSA to new environments and use cases
  • Handle ongoing increases in data volume, variety, and velocity

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