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Cisco Connected Analytics for Service Providers (Cisco)

Cisco Connected Analytics for Service Providers (CASP) seamlessly blends analytics software and services to deliver insight into network health, service quality, and customer experience. The intelligence that CASP provides can enable service providers to improve network performance and availability, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and upsell new network services.

Features and Capabilities

Increase Service Quality Using Network Analysis
  • Identify network usage and performance patterns; detect the impact of network events
  • Analyze patterns in the network to provide proactive care for customers
  • Increase operations efficiency through prioritization of incidents
  • Improve adherence to service level agreements
Improve Your Customers' Experience; Exceed Their Expectations
  • Analyze customer perception, service incidents, and network traffic to plan network changes and network capacity
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Predict subscriber patterns to provide offers that fit your customers' needs
  • Use demographic and subscriber intelligence to strategically launch new services
Accelerate Data Monetization and Grow Revenue
  • Monetize integrated network usage, customer profile, and location intelligence to your partners
  • Prioritize paid app traffic on the network and manage network contention from over-the-top apps
  • Encourage prioritized segmentation for advertising and content publication
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