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Cisco Connected Analytics for Retail (Cisco)

Cisco Connected Analytics for Retail (CAR) is packaged analytics software and services that provide retailers with actionable insight on customer shopper behavior and store operations. Use it to improve your customers' in store experience and boost store performance.

Features and Capabilities

Using data from sensors, CAR utilizes advanced data science and analytics techniques to generate fact-based information. This data helps you to better understand shopper behavior and derive actions to personalize the shopper experience so you can improve conversion and increase sales.

Insights into In-Store Shopper Behavior and Engagement
  • Gain deeper insight into shopper traffic patterns with traffic, path, and dwell profiles
  • Measure shopper engagement with category, department, and display effectiveness
  • Derive insight to optimize shopper experience and increase conversion
  • Measure the impact of shopper experience optimization initiatives through testing
Optimize Frontline Service Levels and Staff Utilization
  • Optimize service levels at the front line with alerts based on real-time store traffic patterns
  • Improve shopper experiences at checkout
  • Optimize front-line staff utilization with real-time recommendations to open and close registers
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