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Cisco Connected Analytics for Mobility (Cisco)

Gain end-to-end insights based on one holistic view across your Wi-Fi network. Cisco Connected Analytics for Mobility provides network, operations, and business insights for governance of Cisco mobility solutions. Real-time data provides information accuracy in the moment. Adapt to demand and gain flexibility with our self-service portal, one-time reporting, and data integration options.

Features and Capabilities

Benefits with Connected Analytics for Mobility

Gain competitive advantage. Promote accelerated performance with improved decision-making based on best-in-class, out-of-the box dashboards and reports.

Implement scalability. Get high-volume, simultaneous data streaming and real-time analytics support from millions of access points.

Increase accuracy. Take full advantage of superior information accuracy thanks to real-time data streaming.

Promote flexibility. Stay flexible with customizable options to create one-time reports and dashboards, or add custom data sources.

Seize new monetization opportunities. Get insight into customer network usage patterns to identify customer segments and manage monetization strategy.

Features of Connected Analytics for Mobility

Proactively plan network capacity:
  • Use real-time network traffic volume per access point, client, group, or location
  • Get access point utilization insight
  • Gain visibility on top N access points
  • Generate daily, weekly, and monthly network utilization reports
Optimize network operations:
  • Get detailed client connection analysis
  • Gain insight into average dwell-time network performance
  • Analyze network performance, usage, and utilization patterns
  • View access point availability
Improve Wi-Fi network monetization:
  • Access real-time active session information
  • View potential new customers on the network
  • Differentiate repeat and unique customers
  • See network usage patterns by device type

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