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Cisco Connected Analytics for Events (Cisco)

Get business and operational insight based on data and analytics from wireless networks installed in sports and entertainment venues. Cisco Connected Analytics for Events (CAE), a software subscription offering, helps you accelerate revenue growth. Use it to enhance fan experiences, improve advertising and promotion efforts, identify operational and security issues, and more.

Features and Capabilities

Improve Venue Performance and Make Better Decisions
  • Proactively identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and reduce costs through better operational control
  • Gain data-driven insight to increase speed and accuracy in the decision-making process
  • Promote agile processes for your business
Develop New Revenue with Enhanced Fan Engagement and Increased Sponsor Investment
  • Gather detailed information about fans and their behaviors to improve the fan experience
  • Target fans with offers and promotions based on their preferences to increase fan spending and attendance at events
  • Measure sponsor brand impact and develop your offer strategy to optimize sponsors’ spend
  • Quantify and communicate the value and effectiveness of sponsors' investment
Optimize Network Operations
  • Gain a deep understanding of Wi-Fi usage
  • Increase optimum Wi-Fi performance and insight in deployment, maintenance, troubleshooting, optimization, and intelligent network planning

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