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Cisco Big Data Warehouse Expansion (Cisco)

With worldwide data sources now doubling every two years and an ever-increasing number of sources of big data information, companies need to find a cost-effective way to store, secure, and access all their data.

Features and Capabilities

Data Warehouse Optimization

Cisco's Data Warehouse Optimization solution reduces ever-growing warehouse management costs by offloading ETL workload and/or infrequently used data to low-cost big data stores. ETL jobs get done faster and data is more economically distributed and stored. Analytics are enriched as more data is retained and all data remains accessible. The solution includes hardware, software, and a comprehensive services methodology.

Bridge Hadoop with Other Critical-Business Data

In addition to optimizing the data warehouse, Cisco Data Management Solutions for Big Data offer Hadoop-to-enterprise integration and Hadoop-to-Hadoop integration: two agile and cost-effective ways to combine Hadoop with traditional enterprise data sources, as well as with additional Hadoop instances within an organization.

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