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Cisco Integration Platform (Cisco)

Today’s CIOs want efficient, effective processes that help ensure business agility. However, as enterprises embrace social, mobile, and cloud computing, applications and infrastructure are becoming increasingly disaggregated and distributed. Create the next wave of business process improvements with Cisco Integration Platform.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Integration Platform accelerates the delivery of desired business outcomes. It quickly connects and automates processes that span on-premise and cloud-based data, applications, and things through a lightweight service bus and end-to-end API management.

Cisco Integration Platform comprises two core products:
  • Cisco Integration Bus, an open, standards-based integration platform
  • Cisco API Management, providing full API lifecycle management with governance and security

The platform promotes:

Faster Deployments
  • Get over 150 prebuilt connectors, graphical design tools, and mixed-model deployment support to integrate any application or deploy a service as an API
  • Cut costs and save time with the build-once, deploy-anywhere design.
  • Boost operational efficiency by up to 50 percent through automated tasks.
Increased Agility
  • Rapidly adapt to new business models.
  • Gain scalability without complexity while integrating new systems, people, processes, data, and things.
  • Build next-generation integration connectivity through this multitenant, elastic, and self-provisioning platform.
Process Integration
  • Break down integration barriers, take control of business processes, and improve process efficiency.
  • Take advantage of legacy and new applications, resulting in process simplification and automation.
  • Use Cisco Integration Platform for process innovation with Internet of Everything (IoE) and mobility solutions

Deployment Options

Flexible Consumption Models to Fit Your Business

Cisco Integration Platform is available in multiple deployment models to fit your business priorities and requirements. You can deploy the solution in one of two ways:

Software Only

Software is deployed on your own hardware and managed entirely by your internal team. This on-premise deployment is ideal for customers who have existing IT resources, skill sets, and infrastructure to configure and manage the hardware and software.

Private Cloud

Cisco Integration Platform, deployed as a private cloud, includes pre-integrated software on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). It provides an on-premise, private-cloud-based solution that delivers exceptional performance and scalability. This deployment is ideal for customers who want to build their own private cloud (including data centers), deploying behind their firewall. The option is an integrated solution that is easy to use and manage, and hosted as a service for their internal customers.

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