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Cisco Unified SIP Proxy Software (Cisco)

Cisco Unified SIP Proxy simplifies call routing between Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) network elements. This highly scalable, stateless call routing engine improves network performance and makes troubleshooting easier.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Unified SIP Proxy aggregates SIP-based network elements and acts as a stateless routing intermediary between them to reduce call routing combinations. Each element can route its calls or sessions to Cisco Unified SIP Proxy which will properly route the call to the approprate SIP-based element in the network. By intelligently forwarding call routing requests between call-control elements, Cisco Unified SIP Proxy provides the means for routing sessions within enterprise and service provider networks.

Cisco Unified SIP Proxy offers the following benefits:

Simplified Management and Troubleshooting Centralized call routing reduces the number of call routing combinations and eliminates call route looping.

Improved Reliability Load balancing and rule-based routing eliminate single point of failure for SIP-based network elements.

Enhanced Scalability of SIP Networks Scale improves through aggregation of SIP-based network elements.

Improved Bandwidth Management It optimizes session media flow paths between SIP-based endpoints.

Cisco Unified SIP Proxy supports a variety of Cisco deployments including:

SIP Trunking Cisco Unified SIP Proxy helps to enable scaling of Cisco Unified Border Element to over 64,000 sessions.

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