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Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud (Cisco)

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud is a video conferencing service. It couples WebEx Personal Rooms and the cloud-based WebEx Video Bridge into one, always-available meeting experience. CMR Cloud is accessible from any standards-based video device. It provides simple, highly secure collaboration from the scalable Cisco WebEx Cloud.

Features and Capabilities

With CMR Cloud, people can meet with others in a way that suits their work day. It makes it easier to:

  • Invite others to meet in a personalized, always-available meeting room anytime
  • Create an ad-hoc meeting whenever needed, or start a new meeting, instantly
  • Reserve needed rooms and resources for scheduled meetings with a defined audience

For organizations seeking a cloud-based video conferencing service, CMR Cloud is:

  • Simple - Use easy controls to create, launch, and join meetings.
  • Scalable - Support up to 1025 participants in a single meeting.
  • Global - Extend global reach with data centers all over the world, offering consistent quality.
  • Flexible - Cloud deployment model is offered as a subscription service.
  • Proven - It integrates industry-leading voice, video, and content sharing technologies into one experience.

With Cisco CMR Cloud, organizations can:

Make decisions faster, and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Enhance productivity, accelerate sales cycles, and reduce time to market.
  • Scale meeting capacity from one to hundreds of concurrent participants.
  • Support quicker user adoption across the organization.
Improve flexibility and business agility.
  • Make it easier to join meetings using any standards-based video device, no matter the location or technology.
  • Respond quicker to market demands and business objectives.
  • Reduce complexity of technologies working together.
  • Free up IT staff to focus on business priorities.
Optimize cost savings and increase growth.
  • Pay as you go with a subscription service.
  • Reduce travel costs.
  • Take full advantage of existing network and device investments.
Specifications at a Glance
  • Up to 25 SIP or H.323 videoconferencing endpoints or clients
  • Up to additional 500 WebEx video participants in a single meeting
  • Up to additional 500 WebEx audio-only participants
  • Add-on service to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center subscription
  • Video 720p 30 fps and content to 720p 5fps with support for standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) content
  • Supports single and multiscreen standards-based telepresence systems
  • Free Cisco Expressway Firewall Traversal Sessions included to protect your network
In-meeting controls
  • Schedule personal and instant always-on meeting rooms using productivity tools.
  • See all meeting participants in a unified participant list.
  • Mute, unmute, and drop any participant.
  • Lock meetings to prevent unintended participants from joining.
  • Record sessions with video, audio, and content for future viewing.

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