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Cisco Prime IP Express (Cisco)

Cisco Prime IP Express provides high-performance, highly secure Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and IP address management (IPAM) services. It is designed specifically for today's enterprise market.

Features and Capabilities

Easily and efficiently manage your IP address space. Deliver automated, always-on DNS and DHCP services with Cisco Prime IP Express.

These network services are critical to supporting the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the increasing numbers of connected devices and users within an organization. Today's enterprises need to prepare their networks for these new demands, and for the shifts to virtualized environments and IPv6. Current processes for IP address management are largely manual, and simply do not scale.

With Cisco Prime IP Express, network administrators can address these challenges. You can significantly improve operational efficiencies, and shrink workloads while lowering network operating costs.

Cisco Prime IP Express:

  • Automates IP address management, eliminating IP conflicts and configuration errors
  • Promotes network reliability, and limits downtime after network outages
  • Helps to ensure security by protecting against DNS vulnerabilities
  • Lowers operating expenses with centralized management, Active Directory reuse, and BYOD support
  • Eases transitions to IPv6 (including US Government IPv6 certification), virtualization, and the cloud

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