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Cisco Quantum Services Platform (Cisco)

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) technologies are beginning to take hold in mobile operator networks. The Cisco Quantum Services Platform accelerates deployment of new, innovative mobile Internet services and unlocks network intelligence for optimization and monetization.

Features and Capabilities

The challenges service providers face today in the service LAN domain include

  • Inability to design and scale custom services without defining new access point names (APNs)
  • Services tied to specific hardware and physical cabling
  • Limited choices of third-party services


Cisco Quantum Services Platform provides the following benefits

Fully Virtualized, Standards-Based Services Platform

This helps mobile operators deliver customer services without deploying dedicated hardware or doing hard-coded APN to a service chain.

Orchestration of Service Chaining Abilities

This helps mobile operators reduce service creation effort (with a 5-year cumulative total cost of ownership) by over 44 percent. It accelerates time to market and time to revenue.

Just-In-Time Service Creation

Mobile operators can automate growth, reduction, and expansion of services based on subscriber or network demands.

Open Environment for Third-Party Services Onboarding

Cisco supports the broadest ecosystem of service applications and appliances and offers streamlined onboarding of third-party capabilities.


The main components include classifier, service chaining, and service-steering. In addition, it offers:

Policy Component

It assigns subscriber flows to service chains and gathers information from deep-packet inspection services and other application-specific services.

Orchestration and Elasticity (Cisco pNSC) Component

This is responsible for the health and operation of the Cisco Quantum Services Platform (QSP) overall monitoring service-instance load. It autonomously decides when to start and stop particular service instances.

In-Line and Terminating Services

These allow for flow management onto service chains with service instances

The Cisco Quantum Services Platform is aligned with the Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) Framework – Service Provider Mobility architecture. It is part of the Cisco ONE Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) and Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP) framework. The Cisco Quantum Services Platform takes advantage of NFV and SDN technologies. It provides elasticity, service chaining, and flexibility when used with networkwide, context-aware, and subscriber-aware policy and analytics. It offers a foundation for agile service innovation and creation.

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