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Cisco WebEx Event Center (Cisco)

Accelerate marketing and sales efforts and enhance internal communications. Use Cisco WebEx Event Center to:

  • Create highly engaging webinars and web events
  • Manage events end to end, from invitations to follow-up
  • Qualify, track, and cultivate leads for your sales pipeline
  • Capture valuable attendee information for your sales and marketing databases

WebEx Event Center helps you:

  • Connect with customers, prospects, partners, and employees anywhere
  • Increase awareness of new products and services
  • Accelerate your sales pipeline
  • Save time and money on travel and venues
Powerful Tools for Compelling Online Events

WebEx Event Center includes a wide range of features designed to enhance your sales, marketing, and internal communications.

Create Engaging, Interactive Events
  • High-quality video: See presenters in high-resolution video (up to 360p).
  • Integrated audio: Choose from toll-based or toll-free global teleconference, two-way voice over IP, or audio broadcast.
  • Multimedia content sharing: Share presentations, video files, and other multimedia content.
  • Tracked Q&A: Track and answer audience questions.
  • Real-time polling: Conduct polls to engage attendees and collect feedback.
Eliminate Barriers to Reaching Your Audiences
  • One-click joining: Attendees with web access can join an event with just one click.
  • Cross-platform support: Users on all major platforms–Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and UNIX–can easily participate in your events.
  • Network-based recording: Record events, including session content and audio, for follow-up and ongoing marketing campaigns.
Promote Events More Effectively and Track Results
  • Event promotion: Use templates or customize invitations to support a brand or campaign.
  • Automated email management: Send out invitations, confirmations, reminders and follow-ups automatically.
  • Tracking and reporting: Export registration and attendance data to your customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems.
Broaden Reach with a More Secure, Cloud-Based Solution
  • Convenient attendance: Participants can attend an event easily from anywhere worldwide, inside or outside the corporate firewall.
  • Mobile support: Participants can join with audio, video, and content sharing from Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.
  • Highly secure events: WebEx events are delivered over the Cisco WebEx Cloud, which offers stringent data privacy and encrypted connections with tight policy control.
Offer Engaging Events at a Lower Cost

WebEx Event Center contributes to the success of your business, while lowering costs in reaching customers, prospects, partners, and employees.

Support Business Goals
  • Deliver your message to audiences around the world
  • Increase awareness and generate demand for products and services
  • Engage attendees with highly interactive content
  • Track results and monitor the effectiveness of events and campaigns
  • Save time and money by reducing travel and venue costs
Cut Costs While Improving Efficiency
  • Lower IT costs; no upfront investment in software or equipment
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs
  • Support multiple operating systems
  • Integrate with existing business applications and processes
Count on Highly Secure, Scalable Service
  • Delivery through the Cisco WebEx Cloud, a highly secure, high-performance global network
  • Enterprise-grade, multilayer security for transport, platform, application, and site security
  • Policy management at the enterprise, group, or individual levels
  • Compatibility with existing Cisco investments

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