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Cisco Nexus B22 Blade Fabric Extender (Cisco)

Cisco Nexus B22 Blade Fabric Extenders extend the benefits of Cisco Fabric Extenders (FEX) to third-party blade servers like HP, Dell and Fujitsu. They simplify data center access operations by combining the management simplicity of a single high-density access switch with the cabling simplicity of integrated blade switches.

Features and Capabilities

Highly Scalable, Consistent Server Access

A distributed modular system provides a scalable server access environment with no reliance on Spanning-Tree Protocol, allowing consistency between blade and rack servers.

Simplified Operations

A single point of management and policy enforcement using upstream Cisco Nexus switches eases the deployment of FEX blades through zero-touch installation and automatic configuration.

Increased Business Benefits

Reduce operating expenses (OpEx) and capital expenditures (CapEx) with:

  • Infrastructure consolidation
  • Cabling reduction
  • Feature inheritance from the parent switch, which protects current investments

Cisco Nexus B22 Fabric Extenders deliver fabric extensibility with single point of management from the Cisco Nexus 5000 and 6000 Series Switches to

  • HP BladeSystem c-Class chassis with Cisco Nexus B22HP
  • Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade chassis with Cisco Nexus B22DELL
  • Fujitsu PRIMERGY Blade Chassis with Cisco Nexus B22F
  • IBM Flex System Blade Chassis with Cisco Nexus B22IBM

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