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Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (Cisco)

Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (LMS) offered as part of Cisco Prime Infrastructure, delivers powerful network lifecycle management by simplifying the configuration, compliance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and administration of Cisco networks. This innovative solution offers end-to-end management for business-critical technologies and services. It aligns management functionality with the way network operators do their jobs.

Primary Functional Areas and Benefits
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
    Proactively identify and quickly fix network problems before they affect end users and services with out-of-the-box preconfigured monitoring dashboards.
  • Configuration Management
    Simplify the roll-out of new technologies and network changes through guided workflows based on Cisco best practices with built-in configuration templates that help reduce errors.
  • Compliance and Audit Management
    Upgradable compliance engine offers extensive modeling of industry, corporate, IT, and technology policies and quick visibility into compliance status of the network.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Get immediate up-to-date information about the network through flexible reporting for inventory, user tracking, compliance, switch port usage, end-of-sale, PSIRT, and other critical areas.
  • Work Centers
    Easily manage all phases of the end-to-end lifecycle of Cisco value-added technologies and solutions, such as medianet, EnergyWise, TrustSec and Identity, Auto Smartports, and Smart Install.

Cisco Prime LMS manages the deployment of the latest Cisco technologies and services such as Cisco TrustSec, and EnergyWise. Get started today with new Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution, and the related resources on this page.

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