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Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP (Cisco)

Standardize, unify, and automate best practices for IT processes in complex, heterogeneous environments with the Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP software platform. SAP also provides the same solution under the name SAP IT Process Automation by Cisco. Ultimately, this solution makes it faster and easier to administer your environment because it offers:

View Processes in a Broader Context
By using Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP to automate SAP administration, you can view management processes in the context of end-to-end IT processes that span the data center. This broader context helps you confidently automate tasks across the application service management lifecycle. With Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP, you also benefit from:
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower total cost of ownership
Increase Operational Efficiency
The Cisco Intelligent Automation platform model for IT process automation separates the automation engine from application management content. This feature helps you more easily extend, update, and access SAP and other application-related content.

Reduce Risk

This solution makes it possible for your enterprise to deploy automation as dictated by your needs for:

  • Process standardization
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk mitigation

Reduce Downtime
Automation placed within the application service management lifecycle automates tasks that are proactive, preventive, and continuous, which results in reduced system downtime.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership
This SAP automation solution frees your SAP administration team to deploy and scale automated activities as dictated by your business priorities.

Easily Manage Complex Processes
These features of Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP help you orchestrate complex operational processes for SAP applications. This solution simplifies how you automate SAP tasks by providing preconfigured SAP content through automation packs, and by serving as the interface to SAP environments.

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