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Cisco Easy VPN (Cisco)

Simplify VPN deployments for remote offices and teleworkers. Based on the Cisco Unified Client Framework, the Cisco Easy VPN solution centralizes the VPN management of all your Cisco VPN devices, thus reducing the management complexity of VPN deployments. The Cisco Easy VPN solution helps integrate VPN remote devices within a single deployment and with a consistent policy and key management method, which simplifies remote site administration.

Cisco Easy VPN consists of two components:
  • The Easy VPN Remote feature minimizes configuration requirements at remote locations by allowing Cisco IOS routers, Cisco ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliances, Cisco PIX Security Appliances, and the Cisco VPN Client to receive security policies upon a VPN tunnel connection from a Cisco Easy VPN Server. This solution is ideal for remote offices with little IT support or for large customer premises equipment (CPE) deployments where it is impractical to configure multiple remote devices individually. This feature makes VPN configuration as easy as entering a password, which minimizes local IT support, increases productivity, and lowers costs.
  • The Easy VPN Server feature allows Cisco IOS routers, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA), and Cisco PIX Security Appliances to act as head-end devices in site-to-site or remote-access VPNs. The feature pushes security policies defined at the central site to the remote device, so that it has up-to-date policies in place before a connection is established. It can also terminate VPN tunnels initiated by remote workers running the Cisco VPN Client software on PCs. This flexibility allows mobile and remote workers to access critical data and applications on their corporate intranet.

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