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Cisco 812 CiFi Integrated Services Router (Cisco)
The Cisco 812 CiFi Integrated Services Router is a complete integrated wireless solution for service providers and enterprises to extend connectivity to remote sites such as retail outlets, hot spots, small remote branches, and temporary sites.

Features and Capabilities
The Cisco 812 CiFi Integrated Services Router (ISR) is available in standalone 3G or 3G with dual radio 802.11n Wi-Fi form factors. It offers the full features of Cisco IOS Software combined with 3G and wireless LAN management capabilities. The 812 CiFi ISR supports latest 3G standards (High-Speed Packet Access Plus [HSPA+] release 7 and Evolution Data Optimized [EVDO] Rev A) combined with Cisco enterprise-class wireless LAN solutions.

The Wi-Fi capability of the 812 builds on the Cisco heritage of proactive interference protection with support for Cisco CleanAir technology. These innovative access points provide high-performance 802.11n connectivity for mission-critical mobility solutions, including:

  • 3.7G HSPA+ release 7 or EVDO Rev A for cellular WAN backup or primary connection
  • External dual 3G antennas for superior signal strength connectivity
  • A dual subscriber identity module (SIM) capability that allows two service providers to offer services in one platform
  • Dual radio 802.11n concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz with embedded 2X3 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO)
  • 10/100/1000 IOS Gigabit Ethernet router port with an optional Power over Ethernet Plus (POE+) power supply splitter
  • Cisco Advanced IP Services IOS with ScanSafe, Wide Area Application Services Express, and extensive security features
Specifications at a Glance
Building on the Cisco Aironet heritage of RF excellence, the Cisco 812 CiFi Integrated Services Router can deliver superior performance for more secure and reliable wireless connections. Enterprise-class silicon and optimized radios deliver a robust mobility experience using Cisco M-Drive technology, which includes:
  • ClientLink, which can improve reliability and coverage for legacy clients
  • BandSelect, which can improve 5-GHz client connections in mixed client environments
  • VideoStream, which uses multicast to improve rich-media applications

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