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Cisco Process Orchestrator (Cisco)

Standardize and Automate IT Processes

Cisco Process Orchestrator can help you standardize, unify, and automate best practices for IT processes in complex, heterogeneous environments. Through its unique service alignment, Cisco Process Orchestrator automates end-to-end service delivery across the entire IT landscape. Organizations can rapidly provision and deliver new services, improve flexibility when using different vendor solutions, and reduce risk.

Features and Capabilities

Aligns Process Orchestration to IT-as-a-Service

Cisco Process Orchestrator transforms IT automation from a process-centric approach to a service-oriented one. This aligns IT automation and best practices towards the core services, which IT delivers to the business. It also offers consistency with industry best practices such as IT Information Library (ITIL).

In service-oriented orchestration, the service is the focal point, not the process. The content, rather than the process orchestrator platform, defines new services. With this solution, users can define and create new instances in real-time, and deploy new services quickly. The orchestrator can also use events to watch for patterns to help enable automated responses based on policies.

Foundation for Other Solutions

Cisco Process Orchestrator is the foundational engine on which Cisco has built a number of data center-, application-, and network-focused solutions. These include:

  • Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud, which helps to provision infrastructure or application services requested by end users
  • Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP, which lowers TCO by integrating events and alert management data with incident response
  • Cisco Network Operations Automation Service, which helps customers manage repetitive tasks and aids remediation of common issues with network operation


Service-oriented orchestration provides the agility to model and act based on IT and business services. Cisco Process Orchestrator automation packs deliver best practices and are programmable through extensions by services, partners, and customers as well as the Cisco Cloud Accelerator community, which delivers pre-packaged automation solutions.

Other features include:

  • Workspaces for operators, administrators, and developers that make it easier for stakeholders to manage and create services and more
  • Alignment to IT standards including ITIL, Common Information Model (CIM), and Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA)
  • Extensive reporting, including built-in ROI and auditing


Cisco Process Orchestrator helps customers lower the cost of IT service delivery. It also:

  • Improves business alignment
  • Delivers agility and adaptability to meet changing business demands
  • Increases productivity to free up valuable IT resources
  • Improves runbook management for governance, security, and accountability
  • Boosts quality, system reliability, and uptime

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