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Cisco Nexus 7000 18-Slot Switch (Cisco)

Cisco's flagship switching platform is designed to deliver performance, flexibility, and zero service loss for the next-generation Unified Fabric data center.

Realize the benefits of a switching platform that delivers reliable performance, enhanced flexibility, and zero service-loss for the next-generation data center.

Features and Capabilities

Infrastructure scalability for investment protection

  • Designed for future scalability to switching capacity of more than 15 terabits per second
  • Modular, flexible, scalable Linux-based OS
  • Efficient power and cooling design
  • Virtualization for efficient resource utilization

Operational continuity

  • Lossless, nondisruptive upgrades for zero service downtime
  • Graceful system operations to minimize the effect of upgrades and other maintenance tasks
  • Comprehensive, open Extensible Markup Language (XML) API for flexible management options

Transport flexibility

  • Support for new technologies without total upgrades
  • Virtualized control plane and data plane forwarding for optimized performance
  • Support for emerging 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps Ethernet standards

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