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Cisco Tidal Enterprise Transporter (Cisco)

Simplify and automate job scheduler migration for Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler environments with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Transporter.

Avoid Time-Consuming, Error-Prone Migration

  • Allow job scheduler migration only from one database to another
  • Require the destination scheduler to be stopped, causing downtime

Such limitations make migration time-consuming and error prone, especially for enterprise job schedules that are vital for production environments

Facilitate Efficient, Accurate Migration
Cisco Tidal Enterprise Transporter is automated job scheduler migration software with a broad set of features. This software is designed to migrate job scheduler definitions in live production and does so:

  • Without limiting the number of transfers
  • While checking for errors during relocation
  • While providing object mapping and reporting

If you need to migrate job scheduler definitions quickly and reliably, Enterprise Transporter is an ideal solution because it supports:

  • Automation for transition from unscheduled to scheduled jobs
  • Job lifecycle management
  • Scheduler platform changes
  • Security and audit tracking

This transporter has many features that are easy to use and make complex tasks simpler, such as:

  • Intuitive visual web interface
  • Rule-based mapping
  • Data integrity support
  • Migration timing control

If you use Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, Cisco Tidal Enterprise Transporter is the ideal tool for job scheduler migration.

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