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Cisco Video Analytics (Cisco)

Strengthen your overall security by analyzing surveillance video in real time and improving incident response.

Cisco Video Analytics consists of embedded software on video endpoints, such as IP cameras, to provide innovative ways to perform video analysis. The software package delivers the following benefits:

  • Simplifies operations and lowers costs by freeing up security personnel
  • Helps you use your security resources more efficiently
  • Scalability and easy deployment eliminate the need to purchase additional analytics servers or storage resources

Cisco offers two analytics packages to best suit your needs:

  • Security Package: Provides security personnel with an arsenal of tools to classify objects, detect camera tampering and loitering events, and trigger Tripwire alerts when people or objects cross a user-defined line. It also includes capabilities to distinguish objects left behind or taken away from the scene.
  • Counting Package: Offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to enable people and vehicle counting, as well as occupancy and dwell-time detection. Real-time data from across the enterprise can be aggregated and transformed into actionable business intelligence.

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