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Cisco RP Series Power Distribution Units (Cisco)

Get flexible, reliable, easy-to-deploy power distribution and branch circuit protection with the Cisco RP208-30-U-1 Power Distribution Unit.

Easily Manage and Troubleshoot Power Cabling
Data center devices are denser than ever, and the demands of just one rack can easily exceed the available supply of wall outlets. Even if power drops are run from a nearby rack power module, cabling into each rack can quickly become difficult to manage, trace, and troubleshoot. Cisco Power Distribution Units help you address these issues because they:
  • Are optimized and certified for use with the Cisco Unified Computing System
  • Are part of a complete infrastructure solution, including compute, network, rack, and power services

The Cisco RP208-30-U-1 Power Distribution Unit offers:

  • Improved power distribution, with cost-effective and efficient distribution to up to 24 outlets
  • Simplified cabling from the rack, replacing up to two dozen input power cords with just one
  • Decreased clutter, improved airflow, and simplified power distribution as a result of fewer cables
  • Easy installation and deployment, with a 0RU and 1RU design to preserve valuable rack space for IT equipment
  • Protection against overload conditions, with two 20A circuit breakers for groups of receptacles

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