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Data Mobility Manager Planning and Design Service (Cisco)

Simplify Data Migration and Maintain Service Availability with a Fabric-Based Solution and Centralized Management

Complex Strategies Invite Problems
Moving blocks of data between arrays is fundamental to storage management, but many traditional migration methods are complex and can cause service disruptions. Today’s heterogeneous storage environments compound this problem by introducing multiple operating systems, file systems, application servers, volume management systems, and physical devices. These diverse environments force administrators to use complex data migration strategies with a variety of migration methods. Such strategies are prone to deployment errors that can reduce data availability, decrease performance, and corrupt data.

Simplified Management Through an Intelligent SAN 
The Cisco® Data Mobility Manager (DMM) uses centralized management that eliminates the need for multiple migration methods that involve host resources or array-based copying. A transparent insertion features lets storage administrators move data without configuration changes to the host, SAN, or array and without support from system, database, and application administrators. This simplified approach reduces the problems that disrupt service and accelerates the migration process as you upgrade, consolidate, and integrate new storage devices.

The Cisco Data Mobility Manager Planning and Design Service provides the proven expertise and practices to successfully deploy a Cisco DMM in a SAN fabric. Implementing Cisco DMM with the help of this service will let you transfer data nondisruptively across heterogeneous storage volumes. We help you deploy an intelligent SAN with the reliability, availability, and consistent performance that you need for a successful storage migration strategy.


The Cisco DMM Planning and Design Service helps you to implement a successful data migration solution quickly and successfully. The service helps you to:

  • Optimize the Cisco SAN Multilayer Director Switching (MDS) infrastructure for Cisco DMM
  • Reduce risk and the effects on existing operations
  • Accelerate time to deployment and data migration implementation

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