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Cisco TelePresence Remote Management Services (Cisco)
To provide a consistent, high-quality experience, the network, physical meeting sites, and the Cisco TelePresence solution itself must be optimally designed and implemented. Without careful consideration of business and technical requirements, IT and end-user experience, and the effects of Cisco TelePresence conferencing on the overall network, your organization might not realize the full potential of the solution. 

The Cisco TelePresence Planning, Design, and Implementation Service provides comprehensive support throughout the planning and deployment of a Cisco TelePresence solution. The service helps your organization achieve its objectives by assessing the existing network and physical environment. Designs are developed based on unique requirements, and throughout the implementation and testing phase, ongoing IT support and end-user training occur. 

In the initial prepare phase of a Cisco TelePresence deployment, Cisco or partner engineers use the Cisco TelePresence prequalification checklist to qualify your network and physical meeting locations, verifying support of the solution. 

In the design and implementation phases, the project team will develop an implementation-ready detailed design for the Cisco TelePresence solution. Then, the team develops a comprehensive network implementation plan for each element of the solution, including audiovisual and environmental standards, and deploys the solution. 

After deployment, the team performs a system acceptance testing process, and finally, the project team performs end-user training, including the development of customized training materials and hands-on education to make sure that system administrators, support staff, and end users all can make full use of Cisco TelePresence technology.

This comprehensive solution allows you to increase productivity and reap the immediate benefits of TelePresence. We ensure a flawless user experience by: 

  • Continuously monitoring and managing the system
  • Providing reporting and analysis for visibility into how the system is used
  • Delivering a lower total cost of ownership so you can align your IT investments with your core business strategy. 
These services cover the foundation and Cisco Unified Communications devices of the converged network carrying voice, data, and video traffic. They consist of:

  • Cisco TelePresence Select Operate Service for network-level support, incident management, problem management, change management and utilization and performance reporting
  • Cisco Remote Assistance Service for single point of contact, high touch service to resolve incidents, including help desk.

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