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Data Center Switching Remote Management Service (Cisco)
The Cisco® Server Networking and Virtualization Remote Management Service (RMS) provides comprehensive server management that frees your IT staff from day-to-day tactical matters and leaves them more time to deal with strategic issues. In addition, it provides the monitoring and management of the core server functions that constitute the infrastructure of the server environment, including the management of your server devices and operating systems. The Cisco Server Networking and Virtualization RMS allows you to maintain a single view of your service infrastructure regardless of server function and location. The service supports client systems from a wide variety of server vendors, including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM, using Microsoft Windows as well as specific UNIX and Linux operating systems. This service also supports server clusters as well as server consolidation, both OS virtualization using Microsoft Hypervisor, Microsoft Virtual Server, Sun, and VMware and hardware consolidation with the support of blade servers.

Features and Benefits 

The Cisco Server Networking and Virtualization Remote Management Service can provide users with a number of benefits, including: 
  • Reduced and controlled operating costs from offering support at a predictable, fixed cost per server
  • Commitment to improved quality (service improvement) through:
    • Reduced downtime
    • Improved availability
    • Better performance
  • Increased competitive advantage from:
    • Keeping pace with technology to provide clients with state-of-the-art innovation 
    • Allowing IT to focus on the core business, differentiating technologies, thus enabling clients to invest their time, energy, and money on their core businesses, as opposed to supporting IT infrastructure services 
Cost savings can be an end result, but this service is geared toward providing high-quality monitoring and management services. Improvements are most often derived from increases in staff productivity and satisfaction related to improvements in service delivery. 

The Cisco Server Networking and Virtualization Remote Management Service is built around standard and repeatable procedures and configurations. The servers are managed and maintained remotely by our global network operations centers (NOCs).

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