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Data Center Remote Management Services (Cisco)
Realizing the full business benefits of advanced data center technologies requires monitoring and management around-the-clock. It can be challenging and resource-intensive and can draw you away from your core business. The need to build management expertise and capabilities can also delay the adoption of the most beneficial emerging technologies. 

Cisco® Data Center Remote Management Services are an immediate, flexible management solution that can help you realize the full value of Cisco data center technologies sooner. You can rely on our superior expertise, processes, and tools as we continuously monitor your networks and manage your Cisco data center technologies for maximum availability and performance. Cisco Data Center Remote Management Services enable you to:
  • Realize immediate and comprehensive benefits from Cisco data center technologies
  • Keep IT resources focused on using the benefits to enable core business strategies 
  • Increase availability and minimize the financial and resource effects of downtime 
  • Reduce operational costs and avoid the cumulative costs and challenges of building and maintaining a dedicated management team, including hiring, training, retention, tools, and processes
Business Benefits
Cisco Data Center RMS is a way to “out-task” the around-the-clock monitoring and management of your data center environment, including devices and supporting networking infrastructure. A unique co-management approach allows Cisco to take the lead as an extension of your own IT team, while you retain access and ultimate control. These services are remotely delivered by an experienced team of Cisco engineers using industry-leading tools and processes based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®). With Cisco Data Center RMS, you can:
  • Adopt and realize the benefits of Cisco data center technologies sooner 
  • Apply industry-leading practices and methodologies to assure the continuous operation of your data center environment 
  • Optimize the uptime, performance, and efficiency of your Cisco advanced data center technologies to maximize the value of your investment 
  • Shape operational processes around a comprehensive view of data center resources and interdependences 
  • Complement your firm’s internal skills and allow your valuable IT resources to focus on your core business, leaving the work of monitoring and remediation of data center technologies to Cisco experts 
  • Lower total cost of ownership through reduced operating expenses by improving the efficiency of your Cisco data center environment and avoiding the cumulative costs of building and maintaining a dedicated operations team

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