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Cisco Smart Care Service (Cisco)
Modern businesses rely on network applications more than ever before, and are ever more vulnerable to the lost productivity and profitability that can result from a network outage. As the network becomes the platform for business success in companies of all sizes, the service and support needs of many organizations are changing. While device-by-device support services provide excellent protection for individual devices, they cannot provide insight into the overall health and security of the network or help businesses identify potential problems before they arise. 

Now, organizations have a cost-effective solution. Cisco and its certified partners introduce an innovative service that combines networkwide technical support with ongoing network monitoring and proactive maintenance to deliver a comprehensive approach to the care and continuous improvement of your network. With collaborative service capabilities that combine the complementary strengths of Cisco and Cisco certified partners, you can increase your visibility into the health and security of your network, improve network reliability and performance, identify potential problems before they affect your business, and reduce the time and effort necessary to maintain your network. Your Cisco certified partner can draw on these capabilities to support and protect your business and can also include them as part of a larger customized service offering that brings together unique network monitoring, support, consultation, and other advanced services.

Cisco Smart Care Service is an innovative new service that: 

  • Verifies that your network is secure and efficient
  • Delivers dashboard visibility into network performance
  • Provides information to better manage and improve your network
  • Reduces the time and effort necessary to keep your network running optimally
  • Allows you to foresee potential problems before they impact your business
  • Offers you the combined advantages of Cisco and its partners in a single service offering

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