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Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) Appliances (Cisco)

Recent additions to the Cisco WAAS portfolio extend WAN optimization across branches, data centers, and clouds. The latest wide area virtualization engines can support up to 150,000 TCP connections and 2-Gbps optimized WAN throughput, delivering an optimal user experience and high availability. Benefits include:

  • Five times the performance and three times the scale of previous appliances
  • Four times the virtual services density, supporting up to six virtual blades
  • Reduced solution footprint, down to one-third of the previous footprint
  • Simplified IT deployment and maintenance
Features and Capabilities

WAAS 5.0 introduces a key new feature, AppNav, a virtualization technology built for integration with all WAAS appliances. It further enhances the WAAS portfolio with a scale-as-you-grow model. AppNav virtualizes WAN optimization resources in the data center into one elastic pool and binds capacity to specific applications or branches based upon business requirements. Additional benefits delivered by AppNav:

  • Virtualization of service infrastructure
  • Scalable enterprise-wide deployment
  • Accelerated application delivery in the clouds
  • Investment protection for existing network designs

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