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Cisco Adaptive Wireless IPS Software (Cisco)

Maintain a constant awareness of your RF environment to minimize legal liability, protect your brand reputation, and assure regulatory compliance.

Cisco Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) offers advanced network security for dedicated monitoring and detection of wireless network anomalies, unauthorized access, and RF attacks. Fully integrated with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, this solution delivers integrated visibility and control across the network, without the need for an overlay solution.

To further reduce capital investment, organizations can now benefit from the Enhanced Local Mode feature, allowing them to capitalize on the same access points they're already using for data, voice, and video traffic to provide Adaptive Wireless IPS functionality.

The system scales to meet the demands of the largest network, providing:

Cisco Adaptive Wireless IPS is part of the Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Services Engine platform, which also supports location-aware technology and a broad partner ecosystem for third-party application development.

  • Event forensics with the ability to trace, locate, and capture RF events for analysis and reporting
  • Alarm aggregation and correlation, plus historic reporting of alarms
  • An extensive threat encyclopedia and dedicated research team to provide comprehensive, evolving threat protection
  • Functionality as part of Cisco's validated PCI solution
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