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Cisco CRS-1 16-Slot Single-Shelf System (Cisco)

The Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System powers the foundation for network and service convergence today while protecting investments for decades to come. The Cisco CRS 16-Slot Single-Shelf System is a massively scalable routing system that integrates multiple POP functions while providing the service flexibility, continuous system operation, and system longevity of the CRS platform in a half-height configuration.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco CRS 16-Slot Single-Shelf System:

  • Consists of a single, 16-slot, 400-Gbps-per-slot capable line-card shelf for a total switching capacity of 12.8 Tbps
  • Features a midplane design based on a line-card shelf built from a line-card chassis
  • Protects investments by using modular services cards (MSCs) and physical layer interface modules (PLIMs) that are fully interchangeable across the entire CRS product family
  • Contains slots for 16 MSCs and 8 fabric cards in the rear of the chassis, and 16 PLIMs and 2 route processors or additional distributed route processors in the front of the chassis

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