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Cisco ONS 15454 60G/5G HO/LO XC-VXC Cross-connect Card (Cisco)

The Cisco ONS 15454 60/5Gbps high-order/low-order (HO/LO) XC-VXC-series cross-connect card operates in either the SONET and SDH systems, providing grooming capabilities at STS-1, VC-4, VC-3, VT-1.5, VT-2, VC-11, and VC-12 granularity.The XC-VXC-10G cross-connect will support 2.5Gbps in the eight (8) lower-speed multiservice interface slots and 10Gbps in the four (4) high-speed multiservice interface slots. Operating in the SONET system, the cross-connect will support STS-1 and VT1.5/VT-2 layers, supporting a full non blocking 1152x1152 STS-1 cross-connect matrix and 2688x2688 VT1.5 (2016x2016 port VT-2/VC-12 in future) cross-connect capability. Operating in the SDH system the cross-connect will support VC-4, VC3, and VC-12/VC-11 layers, supporting a full non blocking 384x384 port VC-4 (and 4-Nc) cross-connect matrix, a 384x384 VC-3/TUG-3 cross-connect capability, and a 2016x2016 port VC-12 (2688x2688 VC-11/VT1.5 in future) cross-connect capacity.

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