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Cisco 12000 Series 4-Port OC-48c/STM-16c DPT Line Card (Cisco)

Service providers need to scale their IP networks with high-speed optical interfaces to provide the throughput necessary for delivering value-added IP services. The Cisco 12000 Series 4-Port OC-48c/STM-16c DPT Line Card (4-Port OC-48 DPT) delivers unmatched forwarding performance and a comprehensive IP and MPLS feature set to scale core networks to 10 Gbps speeds. It also introduces value-added services such as MPLS virtual private networks (VPNs), voice, video, and data integration, and tiered service offerings at 10 Gbps rates without compromising density or line-rate performance.

Cisco's innovative DPT is a Resilient Packet Ring technology that, drawing upon Cisco's expertise in both IP and optical networking, combines the intelligence and scalability of IP routing with the bandwidth efficiencies of optical rings. DPT/RPR delivers simplified network operations, scalable IP services, highly reliable IP-aware optical transport, and superior economics.

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