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  Product Catalog: Cisco: Cisco Interfaces and Modules: Cisco Interface Processors  
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Cisco Fast Ethernet Interface Processor (Cisco)

Fast Ethernet connectivity, including support for virtual LANs (VLANs), is available in a variety of interface options for the Cisco 7500 and Cisco 7000. These options enable network managers to implement their Fast Ethernet routing solutions for optimal cost and performance across a wide range of applications including campus/enterprise backbones, data centers, and high-performance routing between multiple VLANs. Combined with a broad range of Fast Ethernet switching solutions, Cisco offers a complete family of products for constructing cost-effective Fast Ethernet enterprise networks that complement established 10BaseT networks.

Fast Ethernet Features

  • Available in one-port, two-port, or mixed-media configurations
  • 100BaseTX (two pair Category 5 unshielded twisted pair [UTP]) connectivity through an RJ-45 connector
  • 100BaseFX (62.5/125-micron multimode fiber) connectivity through an SC connector
  • 100BaseT4 (four pair Category 3, 4, or 5 UTP) connectivity through the MII and customer-provided transceiver
  • Each port configurable for either full- or half-duplex operation
  • ISL support for high-performance routing between multiple VLANs
  • IEEE 802.10 TB-VLAN support for transparently bridging VLANs
  • Online insertion and removal (OIR), enabling users to remove, add, or replace interface processors on line, increasing system availability
  • Onboard packet and program memory in each FEIP, VIP, and VIP2, providing transmit and receive buffering and the ability to receive different software/microcode downloads; reduces cost of administering software by providing centralized network management
  • LEDs to provide quick status checks and problem identification
  • CiscoWorks? network management integration, including CiscoView? applications, to provide device status and monitoring, simple configuration, and minor troubleshooting
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support through standard MIBs, enabling visibility and management control on SNMP-supported network management stations.

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