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Cisco Channelized T3 Processors (Cisco)

Cisco Systems' new channelized digital signal level 3 (DS-3) interface processor (CT3IP) for Cisco 7500 and 7000/Route Switch Processor (RSP) series routers delivers the next level of scalability in wide-area networking. The CT3IP aggregates 28 DS-1 ports into a single DS-3, offers onboard testing and troubleshooting, and delivers full line rate and fractional DS-1 support across all DS-1 channels. With this functionality, the CT3IP offers the highest level of integration and functionality in the industry.

General Features T3 Features T1 Features
-Standards-compliant DS-3 interface with built-in DSX-3 line interface unit

-Built-in M31 demultiplexing and four front-panel accessible T1 channels

-Built-in T1 data service units (DSUs) enabling T1 breakout ports to connect directly to Cisco MIP cards for demultiplexing down to DS-0 channels

-Full online insertion and removal (OIR) support, enabling users to remove, add, or replace interface processors on line

-M23 or C-bit parity

-Maintenance data link (MDL)

-B3ZS encoding

-DS-3 alarm/event detection (alarm indication signal) [AIS], out of frame [OOF], far-end block error [FEBE], line code violation [LCV], excessive zeros [EXZ]

-Bit/byte oriented codes for C-bit parity

-Per-T1 BER testing

-Super Frame (SF) and Extended Superframe Format (ESF) framing


-Fractional T1 support for N x 64 Kbps (all T1 channels) and N x 56 Kbps (last 8 T1 channels)

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