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Cisco DX70 (Cisco)

The Cisco DX70 offers uncompromised collaboration for every desk. Experience best in class HD video and expanded collaboration capabilities such as UC features, Android applications and email all within a single integrated device. Now is the time for simple to use Collaboration experience at a price so affordable you can empower every office and home office desktop.

  • Dedicated, always-on 1080p High-Definition video communication system
  • Fully-featured IP Phone that registers to Cisco UCM call control
  • High-quality audio system for speakerphone and media playback
  • 14-inch 16:9 screen provides an engaging experience for video calls and running apps
  • Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen provides elegant and powerful user interface
  • Security Enhanced Android operating system combined with Cisco’s end-to-end security features gives peace of mind to network administrators
  • Cisco Extension Mobility supports multiple profiles allowing hot-desking and shared workspaces
  • Many options to personalize your experience and maximize productivity; from wallpapers, widgets, and screen layouts to the ability to use a variety of Bluetooth and USB accessories
  • Self-provisioning device is simple for users to take out of the box and start using quickly
  • Administrators can use Cisco Expressway or the built-in Cisco AnyConnect® VPN for the secure connection of their remote workers
Features and Benefits
Feature Benefit
Design features
  • Install in minutes: The DX70 is an integrated device with all on-screen controls. Just plug in the power cable and Ethernet cable (or use Wi-Fi). With self-provisioning your device will register itself. Authenticate to complete the setup.
  • High-Definition Video: With a 1920x1080 14-inch screen, an 8MP camera, and best of class video compression, the DX70 provides engaging experiences.
  • High-performance audio and acoustics system, Excellent for multi-media playback.
  • Touchscreen interface: The multi-touch capacitive touchscreen overlay provides an elegant and efficient user interface.
  • All controls on screen: Calls can easily be placed from the screen itself. There is no need for an external device. Options are also accessible while on a call to ensure the participants can stay engaged during a conversation.
  • Document camera: The camera housing on top of the DX70 can be tilted down to allow sharing of physical content and drawings.
  • Inclinable screen: As it is also a tablet capable of running applications, the DX70 accommodates users who want to sit and use the device comfortably at their desk. The screen angle is easily adjusted by the user and provides a useable range of between 20-degrees and 85-degrees above the desktop.
Application features
  • Share multimedia and presentation at the touch of a button: While on a call the DX70 allows the user to see their laptop or desktop PC/Mac screen and share it instantly to other participants on the call.
  • Easy swap between computer and DX interface: Swap between the monitor mode and the DX70 interface by a simple press of the “Source” button.
  • Intelligent Proximity: Allows calls to/from the user’s mobile device to be made using the DX70’s audio hardware and call control, as well as sync of Contacts and Call History from the mobile device to the DX70.
  • WebEx and Jabber integrated: The DX70 comes with Cisco Collaboration applications pre-installed for Instant Messaging, Presence and Web Conferencing.
  • Compatible with Google Android applications: The DX70 can run any Android application on its large touch screen.
Performance features
  • The system offers simultaneous HD video and content sharing.
  • RGB input is compatible with all modern PC and Mac computers.
  • Audio is communicated through full-duplex, wide-band audio.
  • Provisioning and self-configuration are easy with Cisco UCM.

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