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Cisco Videoscape Soft Client Software (Cisco)

Bring dynamic video navigation and new content experiences to personal devices inside and outside the home. Cisco Videoscape Soft Client Software strengthens customer loyalty and differentiates your brand with a state-of-the-art app experience on smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices, at home or on the go.

Features and Capabilities

To compete in today's marketplace, you need to provide unique and engaging experiences wherever and whenever your customers want it. This includes on the TV and on their personal devices, inside and outside the home. Cisco Videoscape Soft Client Software supercharges the video experience on both.

Cisco Videoscape Soft Client Software lets you create dynamic new video experiences that augment and enhance TV viewing. Let customers take the full TV experience—including time-shifting, linear channels, and personal video recorder (PVR) functions—with them on the go. Subscribers can access, reserve, download, manage, and consume broadcast and on-demand content on any device.

Create a more dynamic content discovery and navigation experience, allowing users to search for content through a state-of-the-art interface on their personal devices and play out content on the TV. You can also deliver web content, social networks, personalized recommendations, and more to personal devices, synchronized with what users are watching on the TV.

With these capabilities, you can:

  • Improve customer loyalty
    Offer compelling and personalized video experiences, including multi-screen PVR services, content recommendations, and more.
  • Enhance user experiences
    Use tightly connected, multi-screen experiences that extend across subscribers' personal devices, TV set-top box, home gateway, and video head-end.
  • Increase average revenue per user and incremental revenues
    Videoscape Soft Client Software makes it easier for subscribers to find and consume the content they want, no matter where or how they choose to watch.
  • Differentiate your brand with a dynamic, customized user experience across all your subscribers' screens
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