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Cisco Show and Share (Cisco)

Experience how easy it is to create and share video, streamline communications, and reduce travel costs.

Cisco Show and Share is a network-based application ideal for private and highly secure video sharing within an organization. Efficient and effective for large-scale deployments, Show and Share provides:

  • Flexible authoring, publishing, and review workflows
  • Support for uploading a wide variety of file types and recording from USB cameras
  • Collaboration tools such as commenting, rating, and word tagging
  • Advanced user and group management and viewing rights
  • Advanced content storage, archiving, and distribution management

The application supports both managed and unmanaged live webcasting with additional options, including slide synchronization, viewer Q&A, and polling.

Create and Consume Video Everywhere

Now you can create, view, and share video anywhere, anytime, with the Cisco Show and Share mobile client for Apple iOS devices. Here's how:

  • Login to a Cisco Show and Share system.
  • Browse and search both private and public on-demand videos.
  • View, rate, share, and provide comments for on-demand videos.
  • Record, upload, and publish on-demand videos from the Apple iOS devices to a Cisco Show and Share system.

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Find and View Video Quickly and Easily

Cisco Show and Share integrates with Cisco Pulse Video Analytics to help you search for specific content or speakers.

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