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Cisco Connected Analytics for Network Deployment (Cisco)

Connected Analytics for Network Deployment (CAND) is software as a service that provides a data-focused, algorithmic approach to network deployment and optimization activities. With CAND, the IT organization can improve readiness for network-focused business initiatives like big data, video, or private cloud.

Features and Capabilities

CAND analyzes Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) or customer-managed support case data and Cisco network deployment data. CAND helps customers gain proactive control of network risk and disruptions, instead of reacting to issues.


Improve Business Operations

CAND helps you:

  • Prepare for high-scale business initiatives needing network quality, performance, and availability
  • Make better use of budgets
  • Understand what’s contributing to risk, and where to focus
  • More quickly reduce problem trends and volatility, and find sources of issues
Improve Network Operations

You can also:

  • More consistently align device configurations to network services
  • Better understand why network changes are happening and what to do
  • Prioritize device fixes for improved service resilience
  • Learn how to roll out device changes before committing to them

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