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Cisco ServiceGrid (Cisco)

Cisco ServiceGrid is our integration platform in the cloud for IT service management. It provides a scalable, highly secure, and fast way to integrate with everyone in your service ecosystem, plus meet your business requirements. It creates operational efficiencies that save you time and money, while simplifying the formation of your ecosystem so you can collaborate faster.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco ServiceGrid makes it possible to:
  • Seamlessly build and scale service ecosystems with end-to-end visibility
  • Integrate multiple sources in your ecosystem, within the cloud
  • Automate processes using standard ITIL workflows
  • Enable immediate, accurate, and highly secure information exchanges
  • Increase transparency to better manage service-level agreements (SLAs) and vendors
ServiceGrid puts the power of multiple-source collaboration to work for you with:
  • 88 percent less effort to integrate with ecosystem members, compared with point-to-point integration approaches
  • 10 percent higher customer satisfaction, through a single unified user experience
  • 27 percent faster mean time to resolve issues, through integration that accelerates incident resolution
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