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Cisco Prime Service Catalog (Cisco)

If your company is using automation to deliver data center and application services, Cisco Prime Service Catalog is your essential user interface. Complex solutions become easy-to-order standard services that can drive workloads across diverse environments. Cisco Prime Service Catalog makes it easier for IT to offer services.

Features and Capabilities

Businesses value speed. You need automation to deliver application, data center, and business services rapidly and repeatedly across private and hybrid environments. You also need self-service ordering and deployment capabilities. Automation and self-service increase your flexibility and speed.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog delivers the ultimate customer user interface for the self-service model. It replaces multiple manual ordering methods with a simple tool that streamlines order and lifecycle management.

Embedded control and governance allow you to maintain your current compliance guidelines with:

  • Policy-based controls and approvals
  • User entitlement and role-based access control RBAC)
  • Service lifecycle management
  • Financial and demand management

Start your automation journey with:

  • Cisco UCS Director for comprehensive unified provisioning and management of bare-metal and virtual resources
  • Cisco Virtual Application Container Services for simplified delivery of virtual network services and an end to long provisioning times
  • Cisco Prime Service Catalog to easily order complete infrastructure containers from the catalog, increasing time to innovation and value to your business

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