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Cisco MATE Design (Cisco)
Improve Your Multiprotocol Network Planning

Cisco MATE Design software offers an integrated system for designing, engineering, and planning IP Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) networks. It provides precise modeling of complex networks, to help ensure network efficiency and cost effectiveness under all operational conditions.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco MATE Design network planning and design tools allow you to improve traffic distribution, identify vulnerabilities, and mitigate risks. You gain the benefits of:

  • Extensive modeling capabilities for simulating network availability and failover scenarios
  • Superior simulation performance and metric analysis of multicore platforms
  • Automated and intelligent traffic balancing and capacity optimization that efficiently uses the infrastructure
  • Comprehensive forecasting based on traffic trends, external network influences, regional growth, and a variety of other inputs
The Cisco MATE Design difference also includes:
  • Ability to combine multiple data sources to construct an end-to-end traffic matrix with the patented Demand Deduction feature
  • Interactive workflow with powerful filters and context-sensitive network display
  • Ability to easily store, retrieve, and share network plans through a web-accessible plan file database
  • Proven carrier-class scale, open application programming interfaces (APIs) for operations support system (OSS) management integration
  • Superior, fully-functional, and intuitive GUI that allows you to easily and quickly plan and design your network
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