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Cisco WebEx Support Center (Cisco)
Deliver Fast, Personalized Customer Service and Support

Provide real-time IT support and customer service to employees and customers anywhere in the world. Cisco WebEx Support Center helps you decrease costs while increasing your support team's productivity. Support representatives can address questions, perform fast fixes, access remote computers, upgrade software, and provide service to internal and external clients anytime, anywhere.

Cisco WebEx Support Center helps you:

  • Improve the customer experience, decrease time-to-resolution, and maximize team efficiency.
  • View customers' screens, collect system information, and control desktops to resolve issues fast.
  • Easily monitor, queue, and route support requests with a fully-integrated WebACD system.
  • Provide personalized support and facilitate communication between customers and representatives using high-quality video.
Remote Support

Cisco WebEx Remote Support provides instant support sessions. It includes the following features:

  • Automatic routing of support requests to a representative's queue
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for file transfers
  • Integrated video and voice conferencing, including high-quality video
  • Up to eight concurrent sessions with five participants in each
  • Localization in 11 languages
Remote Access

Cisco WebEx Remote Access helps provide quality technical support by accessing unattended computers.

  • Access and control for remote desktops or specific applications
  • Easy file and folder transfer to apply patches and updates
  • Record, edit, and playback functionality for remote sessions for archives and auditing
  • Support for Windows OS
  • Localized in 11 languages


Resolve Issues in Less Time

Deliver fast resolutions to any issues. Cisco WebEx Remote Support enables you to manage support requests efficiently.

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Robust Remote Support
  • Start support sessions instantly and use Cisco WebEx to view a customer's screen, control their desktop, and collect system information.
  • Transfer files directly to the customer's computer during a session.
  • Demonstrate new features or capabilities right on the customer's screen.
  • Communicate with other support reps during a session to draw from their expertise. Involve up to five participants in a single session.
Focus on Customer Service
  • Tailor WebEx Remote Support features for customer service use by turning off technical-support-centric functionality such as system information or system reboot.
  • Deliver the highest-quality, personalized service with the core WebEx Support Center features such as high-quality video, chat, desktop sharing, WebACD queue, and network-based recording.
Keep Systems Working Smoothly with Remote Access

Provide support and upgrade software, even when the user isn't available. Cisco WebEx Remote Access saves the time and expense of onsite visits by granting access to remote, unattended systems anytime.

  • View and control unattended computers, servers, and point-of-service systems remotely to resolve issues, run patches, and install updates.
  • Count on accredited, enterprise-grade security, including multiple levels of password protection, and granular access controls.
  • No additional hardware is required. Access any system in your network with a small agent that can be deployed on remote machines.
Support Tools

Reboot and Reconnect

Maintain the same session even after reboot and in safe mode.

Agent Inbox

Get a notification when a customer is in your queue. Control personal settings and availability status.

Real-Time Status of Other Agents

Support representatives can see all other agents' queues and availability for easy escalations.

Post-Session Survey and Notes

Take customer surveys and save representatives' session notes.

Manager Tools

WebACD Queue Manager

Set up queues with rules-based routing, by availability or skill set. Distribute a large number of requests by allocating to sub-queues by percentage.

WebACD Manager Dashboard

Monitor all sessions and agent activity at both the queue and support-representative levels.

Session Recording and Editing

Record support sessions manually or automatically.

Management Reporting

Measure help desk and support statistics including number of sessions, session time, and session feedback.


Enhance Support and Customer Satisfaction

Minimize travel by offering convenient remote support. Speed resolution and cut costs by delivering personalized service with streaming VoIP and high-quality video.

Solve more problems on the first call. Troubleshoot and fix issues directly on your customer's remote desktop. Invite a subject matter expert to join your session instantly.

View and control any attended or unattended remote device right from your browser - across firewalls. Manage computers distributed over various customer sites and networks without costly service visits.

Provide better customer service and improve compliance using network-based recording. Analyze and improve support processes using detailed reporting.

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