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Cisco TelePresence MX Series (Cisco)

The MX Series allows you to turn any conference room into a video collaboration hub—connecting teams, customers, and partners face-to-face at a moment’s notice. Two MX Series product lines—the MX700 and MX800 Series performance line and the MX300 and MX200 Series value line—give you great flexibility to deploy and scale video with the needs of your business.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco TelePresence MX700 and MX800 Series

Cisco TelePresence MX700 and MX800 systems represent the performance line within the Cisco portfolio of integrated video collaboration room systems. They offer a superior video and audio experience. The systems combine beautiful design and powerful functionality into an all-in-one solution for medium-to-large meeting rooms.

MX700 and MX800 can transform your meeting room experience—whether in connecting teams worldwide or in local meetings with a focus on content. The MX700 and MX800 Series are ideal for team-based collaboration, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and video-centric rooms:

  • The MX800 features a single, 70-inch LED screen for a people-focused experience
  • The MX700 features dual 55-inch LED screens for a people-plus-content or person-to-person experience
  • Choose a powerful 1080p60, 20x total zoom single camera or an optional, intelligent dual-camera, speaker-tracking solution
  • Intuitive Cisco TelePresence Touch 10 provides an easy-to-use interface
  • Wall mount or floor stand (free-standing and wall-secured floor stand options)
Cisco TelePresence MX200 and MX300 G2 Series

The MX200 and MX300 Series feature the first-generation MX200 and MX300, as well as the redesigned second-generation MX200 G2 and MX300 G2 systems. All products in this series represent the value line within the Cisco video collaboration room endpoints.

This line of product offers easy installation and deployment, and cost efficiency for broad scale and ease of use. Place the MX200 or 300 Series device where you want it, plug it in, type in user credentials, and start making video calls in about eight minutes. The MX200 and 300 Series are designed for small-to-medium meeting rooms and spaces.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Cisco TelePresence Touch 8 interface (first-generation series) and the new, larger Touch 10 interface (G2 series)
  • Dual display for an optimal content viewing experience
  • Four-way embedded Cisco MultiSite option for easy multiparty calling without the need for a multipoint control unit (MCU)
  • Modern, sleek, and approachable design to increase aesthetic appeal and usability
  • Auto-provisioning and intelligent self-configuration makes the MX Series easy for IT to install on the network.

Cisco TelePresence MX200 and MX300 systems are designed and priced to bring the benefits of telepresence to more teams and meeting rooms. It's an ideal way to broadly deploy the Cisco TelePresence experience throughout your organization, or make your first move into life-like video communications.

High-Quality Global Service

Cisco manages service globally to provide a reliable experience and consistent support in more than 120 countries. This makes large-scale global deployments of the MX200 and MX300 Series easier to achieve

Specifications at a Glance

MX700 and MX800

  • HD collaboration with up to 1080p60 main video and 1080p30 content
  • H.264 SVC and H.265 ready
  • Optional 1080p30 HD embedded Cisco MultiSite with individual transcoding
  • Four simultaneous video inputs for easy collaboration
  • For MX700, dual presentation is possible outside of a call
  • Built-in amplifier and speaker system for high fidelity sound
MX200, MX300, MX200 G2, and MX300 G2
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution on a high-quality, 42-inch or 55-inch display
  • First-generation MX200 and MX300 systems support up to 1080p video resolution with 30 frames per second (fps) and 720p video resolution with 60 fps, and HD content sharing
  • The MX200 G2 and MX300 G2 offer up to 1080p60 video resolution and 1080p30 content
  • The MX200 and MX300 Series are H.264.SVC ready
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