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Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance (Cisco)

Unified Data Center Assurance Management

Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance (Zenoss CSA) is an advanced service management software solution for Cisco data center infrastructure deployments. It provides an essential fault and performance platform for resource monitoring, relationship modeling, adaptive dependency discovery, and continuous delivery of quantitative impact and root-cause analysis.

Cisco and Zenoss have jointly validated the Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance product, extending and customizing it to work with Cisco Unified Data Center (virtual multi-service data center [VMDC]) architecture.

Zenoss CSA can enable reliable service delivery in a VMDC, Flexpod, Vblock, or Cisco Unified Data Center deployment.

  • Complete operational visibility into shared infrastructure deployments
  • Improved operational efficiency with automated discovery and continuous relationship modeling
  • Improved customer service through speeding root cause identification and reducing mean-time-to-repair
Features and Capabilities
  • Provides fault and performance management coverage out of the box for Cisco converged infrastructure
  • Identifies service-impacting events across multiple technology stacks, focusing resources on incident root causes
  • Provides tenant service fault and performance reporting
  • Automates data center discovery, including Cisco UCS, virtual machines, storage, routers, switches, and service devices
  • Integrates software, including Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud, to automate tenant service impact analysis

The distributed architecture of the Zenoss Zenoss CSA supports deployment models from proof of concept to multi-data center production operations. It can track and map the compute, virtualization, network, and storage resources used by each end-user service into a service dependency model. The model is dynamically and automatically maintained with changes to data center infrastructure.

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